Deadlifting Socks with Grips - Black

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Deadlifting Socks with Grips - Black
Deadlifting Socks with Grips - Black
Regular price $35.00

Upgrade your workout with our Black Deadlifting Socks featuring non-slip grips. Designed for deadlifting, these socks offer unparalleled benefits to elevate your lifting experience.

Our deadlifting socks are engineered to shield your shins from barbell abrasions. The reinforced front panel ensures maximum protection, allowing you to lift with confidence and focus on getting the weight up.

Featuring a first-to-market superior non-slip grip sole, these socks provide a no-slip grip, giving you the stability you need during heavy lifts. Whether you're at the gym or on a lifting platform, our socks help prevent slips and enhance your performance.

High-quality design and comfort made from tight-knit fabric; our deadlifting socks offer a snug fit that minimises drag during lifts. The increased stretch in the calf ensures they stay securely in place throughout your workout, providing lasting comfort.

  • Grip: The no-slip design enhances stability and safety during lifts.
  • Protection: Shields shins from injuries caused by close-contact lifts.
  • Power Transfer: Reduces the gap between your feet and the floor to transfer more power to the bar.
  • Comfort: Snug fit minimises drag and stays securely in place.
  • Hygiene: Provides a cleaner and safer alternative to barefoot lifting.

Perfect for Gym and Workout Sessions Our deadlifting socks are ideal for any weightlifting routine. They are designed to cover the shin completely, offering optimal protection and support. Powerlifters and bodybuilders prefer long socks for this very reason.

Sold as a Pair

Please Note: Due to hygiene reasons, socks are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. This product is not suitable for children. Please refer to our full Terms of Service for more information.

Q: What are deadlifting socks?
A: Deadlifting socks are specialised socks designed to protect your shins from abrasions during deadlifts and improve hygiene compared
to barefoot lifting. The Turtle Strength Deadlifting Socks have the added feature of having grips to reduce the chance of slipping on the platform. Socks need to be pulled up to the bottom of your knee to protect your shins.

Q: Do deadlifting socks work?
A: Deadlifting socks are worth it for the protection andstability they provide, effectively shielding your legs from abrasions while ensuring a secure grip. While deadlifting shoes offer additional support, socks that fully cover your shins are essential for optimal leg protection and performance during lifts.

Q: What socks should I wear at the gym?
A: For deadlifts, choose socks that provide support and protection, such as long socks that cover your shins, which are favoured by powerlifters and bodybuilders to prevent abrasions.

Q: Why deadlifting with socks with grips?
A: Deadlifting with socks that have grips provides enhanced stability and protection, making it safer and more effective than lifting barefoot. Compared to regular socks, deadlifting socks offer superior grip and shin protection, while they allow more natural foot movement and better bar
feel compared to wearing shoes.

Q: What are these socks made of?

A: Our Deadlifting socks are made from premium polyester and spandex for a comfortable fit. The
material is moisture-wicking, durable, lightweight, and quick-drying, providing excellent comfort and performance during workouts. They are also breathable, retain their shape well, and maintain vibrant colours even after multiple washes.

Q: Can you use these socks to compete in powerlifting competitions?

A: You can compete with deadlifting socks in most powerlifting federations, however there are different rules with competing without shoes and deadlifting socks with grips. It’s best to check the official meet rules to be sure of the rules.

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